Polarion as Reporting Tool

Polarion is a comprehensive application lifecycle management (ALM) software platform developed by Siemens. While it primarily focuses on managing the software development process, it also includes reporting capabilities to help teams track and communicate project progress and quality metrics effectively.

As a reporting tool, Polarion offers several features:

Customizable Reports: Polarion allows users to create custom reports tailored to their specific needs. It provides a flexible reporting framework where you can define report templates, select data sources, and apply filters to generate insightful reports.

Interactive Dashboards: Polarion offers interactive dashboards that display real-time project data in a visual format. Dashboards can be customized to show key performance indicators (KPIs), charts, graphs, and other visual representations of project metrics.

Traceability Reports: Polarion enables traceability between various artifacts, such as requirements, test cases, and defects. It allows you to generate traceability reports, which provide a comprehensive view of how different elements of your project are interconnected.

Test Reports: Polarion includes test management capabilities, allowing you to create and manage test cases and test plans. It offers test reports that provide detailed information on test execution, including test results, coverage, and defects.

Document Generation: With Polarion, you can generate various types of documents, including project reports, status reports, release notes, and more. These documents can be automatically populated with the relevant data from the system, reducing manual effort and ensuring consistency.

Collaboration and Notification: Polarion facilitates collaboration among team members by allowing them to share reports and receive notifications on important updates. This feature helps keep stakeholders informed about project progress and any changes or issues that may arise.


Reporting has been designed to greatly enhance the user’s ability to create artifacts from the report. In addition to this all the reports use the Live Report functionality, allowing for access of the Work Item Side Bar in the report. Additions include:

DFMEA(Design Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) Integration (Risk Management / DFMEA)

Data centric Risk Analysis with integrated Mitigation Strategies (Risk Management / RAC Chart)

Design Deconstruction (Inputs / Design Report)


All major project space dashboards are using the Live Report format. This makes user modification and enhancement with Widgets convenient.

Team Center Integration

In addition to reporting we are supporting specific use cases for the TC Integration

Ability to baseline, create a PDF and push a document to a TC object.

This makes creation and transfer of documents to the DHF in TC much easier.

Same thing for Reports.

Display of TC integration objects in the Design Report.

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