REST APIs: The foundation of modern web development

A REST API (Representational State Transfer API) is a method for different software systems to communicate with one another through the internet.

It’s an essential part of modern software development that any upcoming developer should understand.

Assume you’re trying to book a bus ticket online. When you search for buses and submit your choices, the website sends a request to the bus computer system to locate available buses that meet your requirements. The bus computer system then returns to the website with a list of available buses, from which you can book one. This contact between the website and the bus system is enabled using a REST API.

There are five main methods used in a REST API:

GET – retrieves a specific resource or collection of resources
POST – creates a new resource
PUT – updates an existing resource
DELETE – removes a specific resource
PATCH – partially updates an existing resource

A REST API response can be either successful or unsuccessful. A success answer often includes the requested information or a note indicating the completion of the desired activity. An error response contains a message that explains why the request was unable to be completed.

Overall, a REST API is an important tool for allowing different software systems to communicate and exchange information with one another.

If you work with software systems or simply want to understand how different websites and apps interact, it’s critical to understand the fundamentals of REST APIs.

I know first hand how perplexing and intimidating learning about new technology can be, especially when you’re just getting started. That’s why I decided to produce this presentation: to give a clear, short, and simple explanation of what a REST API is and how it operates.

I hope this talk is useful to folks who are new to software development or who want to learn more about APIs. And I intend to continue writing such documents in the future so that all those in need and new enthusiasts can benefit from my expertise and experience.

API Integration :

In today’s digital age, understanding API integration has become increasingly important for businesses and developers alike.

But what are APIs and why is API integration important?

APIs, or application programming interfaces, serve as a link between various software systems, allowing them to communicate with one another.

The process of linking disparate software systems via APIs in order to share data and functionality is referred to as API integration.

API integration can be found in a variety of everyday tools and platforms.

APIs are frequently used by social media apps to connect to other apps such as Google Maps or Instagram in order to share information and functionality.

APIs are also used by e-commerce platforms to connect to payment gateways and shipping providers. The API integration process typically involves designing and building the API, testing it, and then integrating it with other systems.

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