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Instagram Marketing – How to be Professional and Consistent

It is true that your creativity and effort will help your business to gain the desired recognition when you use Instagram for your marketing purposes. However, just like any other platform, you may face a few most frustrating problems with Instagramming. Do not fret too much on it because there are ways in which you can fix these problems.

Most of the marketers take their time to be really active in posting their images on Instagram and engaging with their target audience. While this is a good approach to deal with a highly engaged community but it may also make you realize that the Instagram platform is simply not the most time-efficient mode of business marketing.

This may be due to a few specific problems that may be holding your posts back to gain the desired popularity. It could be:

  • You do not find the time to post every day
  • You do not know about the prime posting times or
  • You do not want to constantly log in and out of your personal and business Instagram accounts.

There has to be another better way, you may think but to your utter frustration, Instagram was never designed to be a time-saving marketing tool necessarily. That means you will need to make it likewise with the use of the right tools and features so that you get the desired results. The simplest way to resolve all issues is to take the help of professionals.

No time for Instagramming

In order to deal with the issues, you will first need to know about the issues. This will save your time when you want to fix the same.

The most significant problem that most business owners face is the shortage of time to post their pictures. They typically do not have any optimum photo sharing schedule, which typically is the secret to getting more likes and high level of engagements on the Instagram photos.

The simple fix to this issue is to use analytical tools like Icon square. This tool will help you to:

  • Find the ideal posting times and along with
  • It will also help in managing your posts.

However, this might lead to a new problem. What if the tool tells you that the time when the users are most active happens to be on Fridays at 5:00 pm? It could be the optimal time according to its research but not for you when you will be booked with the weekly workloads to be completed before the weekend starts. Since you are a single person and cannot do both at the same time, you are then left with the same issue: no time to post.

Use time-saving scheduling apps

This problem too has a simple solution. You can also make a list of the ‘like-worthy’ posts whenever you have the time and post them all through the week. This will save a lot of time.

Alternately, you can check out a few time-saving scheduling apps for Instagram for that matter. One such tool is the later gram, which ideally is our Personal Instagram Assistant and works for free. This tool is simple-to-use and will allow you to post on future dates. In order to schedule your Instagram posts, all you need to do is:

  • Choose your photo and crop if required
  • Choose the action and hashtags and
  • Then select the date and time you want this post to go out.

It is fast, it is simple and it is as easy as that!

When the time comes for your posts to go out you will receive a push notification on your phone. If you click on the notification it will take you to the IG app with the photo and caption all ready to be posted and waiting for you to tap the “publish” button.

Please note that this app will not actually post your pictures for you. It will just notify the time to post and you will have to click through the notification in order to make your posts go live.

Benefits of these tools

When you use one of the many time-saving tools to schedule your posts you will enjoy a lot of other benefits apart from being relieved from the worry of posting your content at the right time. These perks include:

  • You can switch between the Instagram accounts from one spot and
  • You can line up photos from your desktop.

Ideally, a schedule is the number one Insta problem but when you solve this issue you will have a number of other issues resolved as well, in parts or completely.

Few distinctive features of different tools

A few tools are more sophisticated as that does not need you to be hooked on to the grid when the time comes to post your content any time in the future.

  • All these tools follow the third-party posting rules of Instagram and therefore it is absolutely safe to use these for your scheduling purpose.
  • Few tools will also help you to upload photos in bulk from your phone or even your desktop computer.
  • A few come with a built-in photo editing feature to enable you to have some awesome filters and text overlay.

All these tools are very popular among the Instagrammers because these tools allow them to post easily to multiple Instagram accounts and for that, they do not even have to log and out of their account.

It also allows them to add as many users as they want who will be able to collaborate and contribute to their Instagram account. All they have to do is choose a photo, fill out the caption, add hashtags and the first comment and wait to see the results and followers pouring in.

Ending with caution

Since there are a few downsides in using these tools you should make sure that you double- check your posts before completing your scheduling. Make sure that your posts actually get posted and do not get deleted by Instagram later.


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